We are hiring

Our studio is looking for talented innovators and effective producers to help us create impactful solutions to big problems. We offer equity and competitive pay, plus you get to work in a dynamic environment with fun people.


Technical Product Manager

Looking for a technical product manager to join our team and have ownership of ongoing product features and data. You will partner with technical managers and engineering teams in building the product features, and will run project teams to create new products and enhancement releases.


NLP engineer

Looking for an experienced NLP engineer to build, improve and extend machine learning and NLP capabilities. Research and evaluate new/different approaches to NLP problems. Produce deliverable results and take them from development to production in collaboration with our team.


Full Stack developer

Looking for an experienced, full stack developer with deep knowledge of system architectures, web technologies including Node.js, Typescript/JavaScript, and VUE.js frameworks. Must possess knowledge in database development and implementation process and ideally know one or more: MySQL, MongoDB, RethinkDB, PostgreSQL, etc.