Full Stack Engineer

Los Angeles, CA

We are looking for an experienced, Full Stack Developer with deep knowledge of web technologies including Node.js, Typescript/JavaScript, and VUE.js frameworks. Also the candidate must possess knowledge in database development and implementation process and ideally know one or more: MySQL, MongoDB, RethinkDB, PostgreSQL, etc.

Chosen candidate will be working in an agile, startup environment as a senior project developer. They will design, develop, and deliver new full-stack web application, and oversee development of our planned mobile integration. Candidate will be working with our in house, as well as, remote team and will ensure that project is scoped, resourced, and delivered as a professional product.

A candidate will ensure partner and user satisfaction throughout the development cycle and after project completion. They will be expected to participate in management meetings and help set strategies and resources for the project.

Must have:
• + 5 years of web development
• NODE.js, Javascript, HTML, CSS.
• MySQL, MongoDB, RethinkDB, PostgreSQL, and/or other
• Experience in creating user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments.
• Ability to integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system.
• Knowledge on management of hosting environment, including database administration and scaling an application to support load changes.
• Understanding of REST and API design
• Docker/Kubernetes and experience deploying and maintaining containers
• Git
• Driven decision maker and excellent problem solver
• Fast learner
• Be an awesome person

Great to have:
• LAMP/PHP experience and knowledge
• Python experience
• System architecture

To apply, include the following:
• Detailed resume and/or LinkedIn profile
• Links to any projects you have been an instrumental part of and/or are proud of
• References

Who we are:
Veritai is a multimedia company that differentiates itself by integrating powerful artificial intelligence based tools to deliver a more informed experience while reading the world's news.  We are a group of innovators, on a mission to revolutionize your news experience and redefine the economics of journalism.  Veritai delivers powerful analytics tools to help you be more informed and aware while reading the world's news.